31 Under 31

Meet Yankton's 31 Under 31 - young leaders, volunteers, and community members who love the greater Yankton community and have chosen to make it their home! A new person was featured each day in March!

March 1Carmen Pacheco

Carmen Pacheco

Owner at Mulberry and Grace


"I love how Yankton is a safe and supportive place for my family to grow, and for me to grow as a young professional. Not only does Yankton continue to diversify, which is important for my young Hispanic family, there is also an emerging entrepreneurial spirit in this community which is inspiring." 

March 2Jeremy and Katie

Katie & Jeremy Hoeck

Customer Service Manager at First National Bank & Assistant Sports Editor at the Press & Dakotan

“As animal lovers, we are both ardent supporters of Heartland Humane Society.  We really believe that you can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its animals. We are so grateful that the greater Yankton community supports and advocates for the welfare of companion animals!”

March 3Mandi Gause

Mandi Gause

Co-owner Boston Shoes to Boots


“It is so exciting to be a part of the new opportunities and positive energy in our city. I am excited for the future and so happy I made Yankton my permanent home. “


March 4Brandon Wagner

Brandon Wagner

CTE Teacher at Yankton High School

“Growing up on a farm (and now returning to rural Yankton) has given me opportunities that I would have not otherwise been able to experience. I believe our community is filled with people who value hard work and humility, which are a few of many reasons I cannot think of a better place to raise a family.”

March 5Azure Rodriguez

Azure Rodriguez

Student at Mount Marty College

“The thing that I love most about the greater Yankton community is that there are a plethora of opportunities to become involved no matter what age you are. I have never felt discouraged while sharing my thoughts or ideas to community leaders I have only felt encouraged and motivated. Being able to have community leaders that truly believe that anyone can make a difference is what makes our community so strong.”

March 6Sam Hummel

Sam Hummel

Employee at Kolberg-Pioneer

“I chose to live in the Yankton area because of the young professional and entrepreneurial culture that is being cultivated. Yankton offers a wide array of opportunities for everyone to get involved! I currently focus the majority of my volunteer efforts with the MMC Shooting Team and the 4H Shooting Sports club. My favorite recreational opportunities in the greater Yankton area are all of the outdoor opportunities present - from shooting, hiking, water sports, biking, and motorcycling.”

March 7

Maggie Kaltsulas

Marketing Specialist at Shur-Co 


“We have a charming downtown area with fun and unique shops. I love shopping, and I have the opportunity to find some really neat things and support our entrepreneurs.  But probably the thing I love the most about Yankton, are all the employment opportunities and the overwhelming support of local manufacturers. Both my husband and I have been given the opportunity to work in our fields of study; we’re so lucky! I’m a Marketing Specialist at Shur-Co®. I love my job and have been able to do some pretty cool things since being employed at Shur-Co®. I’m so grateful for all that we have in Yankton and am excited to see what other opportunities will unfold for our community."

March 8Neil Kaltsulas

Neil Kaltsulas

Manufacturing Engineer at Applied Engineering

“It’s difficult to pick a favorite recreational opportunity as there’s so much to do in our area, but recently my wife and I have discovered a couple new activities that we enjoy.  Last summer, we were members of the Yankton Community Garden, and we had a great time. We didn’t have much prior gardening experience, but we spent three or four nights a week at the garden learning from the Master Gardeners, getting to know our plot neighbors, and just enjoying time outdoors.  We learned a lot, and we are looking forward to doing it again this summer. We are also huge fans of Bragging Rights on Thursday Nights. The atmosphere along the river is fun. We have a beverage or two and sometimes there is Music at the Meridian going on as well.  Plus, it is a nice way to get a head start on the weekend. We also think it is great that local charities are asked to participate which allows them to bring awareness to their causes.”

March 9Sarah Honrath 31 under 31

Sarah Honrath

Marketing Consultant & On-air Personality at Riverfront Broadcasting

“I love the size of the community and its friendliness factor. After living here two years, a trip to the grocery store always means encountering several acquaintances; at the same time, when I go to community events, there are always fresh faces. I love that Yankton is large enough to have a vibrant network of volunteers and community organizations, yet small enough that your presence truly counts at every event.”

March 10Tayler & Kellen Moser

Tayler & Kellen Moser

Administrative Support at Yankton Middle School & Teacher at Gayville-Volin High School

“We love the big city feel Yankton has, along with its small town pride. The community has a sense of family that most other cities and towns do not. Being born and raised in Yankton, we know the values that have been instilled within us, and we want that for our own family.”

March 11Stacy Hubert

Stacy Hubert

Financial Advisor with Edward Jones


“I love the inclusiveness of the greater Yankton community. I admire everyone who helps make Yankton a better place to live and work. I appreciate how we support each other and I look forward to the future of Yankton with excitement!”

March 12Joseph Tielke

Joseph Tielke

Program Director at Pathways Shelter for the Homeless

“I can't see myself anywhere else! There's so much pride in our community and everywhere I go I meet folks who have invested in the future of Yankton and are working tirelessly to make it a bright one. How could you not want to be a part of that?”

March 13Raelynn Coldwell

Raelynn Coldwell

Communications Director at Sacred Heart Monastery

“When I initially came to Yankton to pursue a Graphic Design Degree at Mount Marty College, I was immersed in an environment for the making of a great base of relationships that to this day I still have. Needless to say, it is such an exciting time to be a young adult in Yankton, the spirit of entrepreneurship is being nurtured, and I hope to be a team-player in some of the initiatives to come.  Here I am able to serve and volunteer in a much more fluid way. The fact I can run across the bridge, trails, or by the river any given day of the week is also a perk, I’ve even had my first kayaking adventures here!”


March 14Brittany LaCroix

Brittany LaCroix

Events and Promotions Coordinator with the City of Yankton


“I love the energy and support that surrounds new ideas here! I love that all my friends are moving back and starting families/careers here. It helps give Yankton a little burst of energy that everyone can feed off of to make it better and continually grow.”

March 15Matthew Malloy

Matthew Malloy

Kindergarten Teacher at Gayville-Volin Elementary School

“I am very grateful to live in such a supportive community. Yankton presents many recreational opportunities: a beautiful trail system, Lewis & Clark Lake, Lake Yankton, the Mighty Missouri River, and the Chalks-Bluff Multi-Use Trails. I appreciate the opportunity not only to enjoy these features but also to reach my goals as an athlete and a coach.” 

March 16Tonya Olson

Tonya Olson

Library Director at the Yankton Community Library

“I really think Yankton is on the precipice of change in regards to being even more of a regional leader in the state of South Dakota, and that change really seems to be community driven. We’re investing more in the community and more in ourselves. As a citizen, and the library director, that’s really exciting. You also can’t beat the Meridian walking bridge and trails; my fiancé and I utilize them nearly every day when the weather is cooperating!”

March 17Lynn Meredith

Lynn Meredith

Team Member at Embroidery & Screen Works, Inc.


“I love my community because the people you meet here become your family. We support the endeavors of young professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Yankton is a community that is always giving back and I am excited to see the endless possibilities come alive. Yankton is the perfect community to grow a family! My husband and I both have been blessed with opportunities to work in Yankton. I work at Embroidery & Screen Works (EASW) and truly enjoy my career and all of the opportunities that have been offered to me.”

March 18Amy & Jesse Bailey

Amy & Jesse Bailey

Freelancer & Executive Director of Pathways Shelter for the Homeless

Amy: “I love the size and character of our community! Yankton is large enough to offer amazing employment, volunteer, and recreational opportunities while still being small enough to not get lost in the crowd. The people here genuinely care about your well-being and want to help young professionals succeed.”

Jesse: “My favorite volunteer opportunity in Yankton is spending time with my mentee through Big Friend-Little Friend. I get to make a difference in his life while we have a blast exploring the great recreational opportunities in our community.”


March 19Brennan Ewald

Brennan Ewald

Co-owner Boston Shoes to Boots


"Yankton is an exciting place to be right now. The community is collectively coming together to make positive changes and I'm grateful to be a part of what's to come for our town." 

March 20Carly Sourada

Carly Souhrada

Project Manager at Avera Project Management Office

“My favorite volunteer opportunities have been through the United Way LINC socials and volunteer events.  LINC has been a great way to meet other young adults who want to network, learn more about their community and make a positive impact on Yankton.”

March 21Katie Blaalid

Katie Blaalid

Inside Sales Coordinator at Kolberg-Pioneer


“I love the lake! My family and I enjoy dinner cruises watching the sunset. It means the world to me to share lake time with my nephew Kellen. I have spent most of my life living by the lake and this is where I am the happiest. Living by the lake you are embraced by the spectacular sunrises, sunsets, and the beautiful shining stars!”

March 22Rachael White

Rachael White

HR Representative II at the University of South Dakota

“I volunteer my time as President-Elect with the Southeast South Dakota Society for Human Resource Management (SESD SHRM) in Yankton. The SESD Chapter offers opportunities for growth to local Human Resources professionals through monthly meetings, conferences, and networking opportunities. We are always accepting new members and I would be happy to talk with anyone who might be interested in finding out more information!”

March 23Brad Link

Brad Link

Family Connections Coordinator at River City Family Connections

“What I love most about the Yankton community is that it is a community that doesn't limit itself. Yankton and its wonderful people continue to strive into the future by progressive action to making this a wonderful place to live and grow together as a community.”

March 24Natalie Gubbels

Natalie Gubbels

Staff Accountant at Williams & Company


I chose to live in greater Yankton because I enjoy the small town atmosphere that provides abundant opportunities. There are great little boutique shops, restaurants, and the parks are beautiful; greater Yankton really fits my active lifestyle!”

March 25Mollie Grey

Mollie Grey

Owner The Sandbox


“I choose to live in Yankton due to something I historically chased in my life: becoming a female business owner and being supported in my efforts. I know I wouldn’t have the same story in Minneapolis or Atlanta and I believe Yankton opened up that door for me. I’m doing something different and I’m being embraced and that’s all I can really ask for.”

March 26Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks

Director of Marketing & Communications at Mount Marty College

“I've never been a part of a community so full of new energy, opportunity, and promise. My job, community involvement, my friends and family life, my outdoor hobbies; every aspect of life leaves me fulfilled. Yankton offers so much, and the resources to make a great life are right at your fingertips. That's what I love about our community.”

March 27Laura & Nicholas Westergaard

Laura & Nicholas Westergaard

Owners NatureScaping Designs

“What is there not to love about the greater Yankton community?  We love the countless opportunities Yankton has to offer.  From recreation to business opportunities, there is something for everyone.  The support of young entrepreneurs in our community is amazing and has helped our company grow. Owning a landscaping company, we are very conscious about "Curb Appeal" and we are always impressed with the hard work that the city puts into making our community beautiful!  We are excited to spend the rest of our lives here!”

March 28Jason Frinck

Jason Finck

Owner K Construction and Painting in Tabor


“I enjoy the opportunities to expand and develop my business; K Construction. Using my business I can provide jobs for my friends and the surrounding community. Yankton is a great place to volunteer my time and talents to improve the community while participating with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and the Lewis and Clark Homebuilders Association. I enjoy furthering my industry while reaching out to the people of Yankton.”

March 29Sandy Boack

Sandy Bouck

Massage Therapist at Riverbend Massage Therapy

“After living in Florida for the past 3 years, I was truly thankful to relocate my son and myself back to the community of Yankton. I missed the small town vibe with the friendliness and support the people of the greater Yankton offer. I appreciate the growth of small, locally owned businesses in Yankton.”

March 30

Megan Tjeerdsma

Human Resources Assistant with Kolberg-Pioneer


“I am grateful for the year-round adult recreation leagues that Yankton offers. It’s a great way to meet and interact with the amazing people in our community!”

March 31Brittany Mueller

Brittany Mueller

Occupational Therapist at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital and Prairie Estates Care Center

“We love Yankton and choose to live here because of the people. Yankton is bursting with people from all generations and all walks of life who are eager to see our community grow and flourish. It is because of this love throughout our community that my husband and I are excited to raise our family here.”

April Fools! We're featuring two young leaders today!

Kasi FossKasi Foss

Financial Aid Counselor at University of South Dakota and Owner Sunny's by Kasi

"What I love most about the community of Yankton is its charm. Yankton offers the basic necessities for shopping and has a vibrant downtown lined with bars, restaurants, and quaint shops...all right along the Missouri river! The people are laid-back, friendly, and always make you feel right at home."

Drew DelvauxDrew Delvaux

Owner Delvaux Designs and Photographer


“I love living in Yankton because of the supportive community. The people in our community truly strive to help each other turn dreams into realities. There is an undeniable positive momentum rolling in the community right now. It's contagious!”

Thanks to everyone who nominated a young leader in our community! Yankton's future is bright with the dedication of these and many other young community members!