Coleridge NE

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Coleridge, NE

Heart of Cedar County!

Coleridge is located in Cedar county. When the census was held in 2010, Coleridge had 473 residents.

Each May, Coleridge holds an avenue of flags and a program for Memorial Day.

In our own words:

Coleridge, Nebraska, is a modern farming community located in the southern heart of Cedar County. Coleridge was the first depot located in the county in 1883 on the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad and was where building materials were stockpiled for the eventual construction push to Hartington. The community was named after Lord John Coleridge of England who was visiting in the United States at that time. Coleridge is located in a rich farming community and serves the basic economic and agricultural needs of area farmers and ranchers as well as for its residents. Coleridge also serves the educational and spiritual needs of the area through its fine school and four churches.

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200 E Broadway St
Coleridge, NE 68727
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