31 Under 31


It's time to recognize 2019's 31 Under 31!

Kourtney Feature 1March 1 

Kourtney Erickson

Communications Director at Sacred Heart Monastery | Bartender at Ben's Brewing Co.


“I grew up in Yankton but branched out to another state for college. Whenever I came home, I was reminded of what a great community Yankton has. When deciding where I wanted to be after graduating, Yankton came to mind right away. With Yankton's many recreational activities, the small-town atmosphere, and a great community of people, I'm glad I came back to be a part of greater Yankton.”

Jordan Feature 2March 2

Jordan Houdek

Learning Technology Support Specialist at Mount Marty College


“After starting my life in Yankton at Mount Marty College as a student I could tell that the Yankton area was a very welcoming community with a lot of opportunities to offer, which is why I chose to begin my adult life here as well. Everyone here made me feel welcome and it felt as though I belonged here. Not only is the community supportive but there is a lot to do with the river and trails close by.”

Kourtney Feature 1March 3 

Kaiti Ladwig

English/Language Arts Teacher at Yankton High School

“The greater Yankton area was completely unexpected. I initially thought Yankton would bridge me to my next life opportunity, but it inevitably became the place I call home. I was immediately welcomed by the Yankton School District, and I slowly became more and more attached to several organizations, several community members, and several YSD employees. Yankton makes me feel welcomed; Yankton makes me proud. There are so many opportunities in the striking, city-like community. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Arielle & Brandon Feature 4March 4

Arielle & Brandon Kneifl

Enrollment Counselor at Mount Marty College | Welder at Kolberg-Pioneer

We recently moved back to the area for greater career opportunities for both of us. We love the community’s passion for family fun events. Our family loves the outdoors, camping, boating, hunting, and just being outside. We spend most of our summers camping and are excited to be in an area where we can do all the things our family enjoys the most. The greater Yankton Area is a beautiful community to be a part of and we are excited by the opportunities for our family.” 

Brittany feature 5March 5 

Brittany Wagner

Youth and Families Therapist at Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services


“Growing up in Yankton, I believed that my future was determined by how far away I could venture. The further I journeyed, the more I missed my hometown and all it has to offer. Yankton's progressive growth and desire to encompass diversity, while still allowing for a sense of community contentedness allows for that small-town charm makes for the perfect combination for any individual to put down roots. And now that we have children of our own, we cannot wait to explore all that Yankton has to offer and make this our best adventure yet.”

HannahZ Feature 6March 6

Hannah Zimmerman

Second Grade Teacher at Stewart Elementary School

“What I love most about Yankton is that we have a community that is supportive of education. As a teacher, I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend graduate school right here in Yankton. I received my Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Mount Marty College. Mount Marty and our local school districts developed a collaboration that allowed us to directly implement new practices right into our classrooms while working on our graduate degrees. Our community sees the importance of education and wants the best for Yankton’s students. Because of this, different individuals have created a scholarship to allow local teachers to further their education through Mount Marty’s program; to feel that support, as a teacher, is overwhelming.”

Nealy Feature 7March 7

Nealy Pesicka

Certified Mental Health Aide at HSC | Co-owner of DIGS | Nursing student at USD

“I choose to live in the greater Yankton area because it is such a strong-bonded community. The values and family ties that run deep in this community are unmatched. There is no other place I would rather build my family than in Yankton. No matter what changes come about in this town it will always feel like home.

Robert Feature 8March 8

Robert Walsh

Owner/Operator of Walsh Construction


Yankton has given me the opportunity to pursue and follow my dreams as a young business owner. Young entrepreneurs, like myself, receive an abundant amount of support. Our city is on the rise and its potential is endless. I am excited to be a part of its future!”

Hannah Feature 9March 9

Hannah Nooney

Co-owner of DIGS | Stay-at-home-mom | Bartender at Ben's Brewing Co.


“Why I choose to live in the Greater Yankton area is very simple. There is something about Yankton that I have never felt anywhere else. You can call it a bond or a connection, but it’s instilled in the community. And it’s something I want my children to be a part of and grow up in. It’s home.

Robert Feature 8March 10

Carl & Ashlee Toben

Owners/Operators of Toben Tree Service


“Living in Carl's hometown of Yankton has allowed us to build and grow our business over that last 8 years. Because of our relationships with local retailers as well as our amazing return customers we have been able to build a locally owned-and-operated successful business. Family is extremely important to us and that’s what brought Carl back here after living in the Black Hills. Carl's parents farm by State Lake (Utica), we spend a lot of time helping on the family farm. Agriculture is such a big and important part of the greater Yankton area. We love the farm and the values around the farming community. We are excited to raise our family and continue to grow our business here in the Yankton area.”


Carlos Feature 9March 11

Carlos Saenz

Head Coach of Men's Soccer at Mount Marty College


Since I was a student at Mount Marty College, I have always admired how nice and welcoming the people are here in Yankton. I am originally from Lima, Peru, and I had the opportunity to be in different cities in the US. When I came to Yankton, I started feeling like I was at home. My goal is to start a free soccer clinic for the kids in the community to give back to Yankton and share my love for the sport.”

Elly Feature 12March 12

Elly Daisy

Insurance Officer with Farm Credit Services of America


What I love most about Greater Yankton is the hard-working, morally-driven attitude that is instilled in the people that give our town a welcoming rural feel. The community hosts an abundance of volunteer opportunities, exceptional education for our daughter, and many organizations that allow us to be a part of making Yankton great. On top of all of that, we get to enjoy the beauty of wide-open fields, camping ‘in our backyard’ at the lake, and enjoying walks across the Meridian Bridge.” 

Wagners Feature 13March 13

Madisen & Alex Wagner

Float Nurse at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital | Agri-Business Credit Analyst at First Dakota National Bank



Yankton is home to us, it is where we both grew up and where we want to raise our children. Alex grew up on his family farm and I grew up out by the lake. We had very different childhoods, but both loved being raised here. In returning to Yankton, both of us have found fulfilling careers and have created a life together. Yankton is a well-rounded community bursting with opportunity, while also having a small-town feel. We are proud to call Yankton our home!” 

March 14Nikki Feature 14

Nikki Pravecek

Real Estate Agent with Vision Real Estate Services


“I originally moved back to Yankton to be near my family. I choose to stay because there are genuinely GOOD people here, people who want to see others succeed and do well. I feel a great sense of support! I love seeing how far Yankton has come. It’s great to see so many people dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the place I call ‘home’. New things happen every day! I think the Food for Thought group is an incredibly special group of people and they exude compassion for those that they help. I look forward spending time with them each month! And Lewis & Clark Lake just can’t be beat - to be on a boat on the water makes for the perfect day! 

Holly Feature 14March 15

Holly Anderson

Marketing Communications Specialist at Kolberg-Pioneer



I chose to live in the Yankton area because of its unique, community-centered atmosphere. The city is energized with progress and actively working toward improvement. I am excited to see what the future holds for the area.

March 16Logan Feature 16

Logan Wagner

Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach/Women's Assistant Basketball Coach at Mount Marty College

I chose to come back to Yankton so quickly after graduating from MMC because it allowed me to pursue a job I love, in a community I love. The people in Yankton are second to none. Yankton’s greatest asset is the people. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by the people that I am in this community.”

Brooke Feature 17March 17

Brooke Thury

General Manager at Ben's Brewing Co.


“I choose to live in Yankton because it offered a little bit of everything I was looking for when it came to my future career and raising my family. Yankton has given me an amazing career that allows flexibility and lets my creativity shine. It has provided me with a safe community to raise my daughter in, a great school district for her to grow in, and ample amounts of recreational activities for her to participate in. The Yankton community is surrounded with love and resources that a lot of other communities lack.

March 18Maddox Feature 18

Nakita & Adam Maddox

Yankton Program Coordinator at Cornerstones Career Learning Center | Lieutenant at Mike Durfee State Prison


It was very important for my husband and I to be close to family.  Growing up, my family drove to Yankton almost every weekend during the summer, so I have lots of good memories of this area.”

Dani Feature 19March 19

Dani Ahlgrim

Lead Universal Banker at First Dakota National Bank


I love Yankton, because Yankton is beautiful! The Arts hold a special place in my heart, and I’m filled with joy when I walk through our downtown area. We have so many opportunities to experience art in our community, from Yankton Area Arts to Riverboat Days, and everywhere in between. I am lucky to live in a city where I can soak up the natural beauty that surrounds me, while enjoying a variety of sculptures and murals. <3”

March 20Betsy Feature 20

Betsy Thomas

Resource Development & Administrative Coordinator at United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton

The Greater Yankton community has been so good to me and I love all the volunteer opportunities to has to offer. I became involved in Big Friend Little Friend shortly after moving to Yankton a year ago. I had a great experience being a Mentor during college and wanted to make a difference in my new community. Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people who care about the same things I do. I feel very lucky to call Yankton my home.

Jacksons Feature 21March 21

Amanda & Bryant Jackson

Buyer at Manitou Groups | Police Sergeant at USD


“We love the hiking and camping areas in the greater Yankton area. There are so many opportunities to explore different areas with our kids and dogs. We look forward to having so many more adventures here!”

March 22Ethan Feature 22

Ethan Powell

Project Manager for Larry's Heating & Cooling, LLC.

“The reason I chose to move back to the Greater Yankton Area was simple.  There is nowhere else on this planet where you can find that perfect amalgamation of the small-town optimist mixed with the big city dreamer.  Working in HVAC as I do, I am blessed with the opportunity to get out and meet all sorts of different people in the Yankton and surrounding areas.  From talking to these different folks, I can say there is tangible static charge amongst most everyone.  Whether it’s in agreeance or a counterpoint, people are paying attention, voicing their opinion, and not just staying silent.  I choose to stay in Yankton, because I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Tay Feature 23March 23

Tay Janis

Barista at Abe's Coffee House | Bartender at Ben's Brewing Co. | employee at L.Lenae Designs & Floral


I choose to live in the Greater Yankton area because they say home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely in Yankton!  My Restore family, my amazing family members, and my closest friends are all here. I love this beautiful area and I really appreciate the hard working and good-hearted people I serve and interact with daily. I believe this is a great growing community and I'm thankful to be a part of it!

March 24Sara Feature 24

Sara VanderTuig

Clerk at Yankton County Treasurer's Office


“Yankton is where both my husband and I grew up and it is a great community to raise our family. We love spending time outdoors and all the great recreational activities Yankton has to offer. I enjoy helping/volunteering with my children’s activities. We also enjoy spending time on the water.”

Jessica Feature 25March 25

Jessica Nelson

Owner and Photographer at JD Photography


“Yankton was an amazing place to start my career as a photographer. Coming back home as a new business owner was a bit intimidating but the Yankton community made it possible to grow and do exactly what I love to do. I have received nothing but support and opportunity here in Yankton and I plan to stay and grow as the city of Yankton grows. As a plus, Yankton has some pretty stellar locations to photograph!

March 26Jeff Feature 26

Jeff Mueller

Church Planting Pastor of Restore Church - Yankton 

“I am blessed with a ministry career that has sent me across the country and around the world. Yet, out of all the places I've been, I can honestly say Yankton is my favorite place in the world. Yankton is a beautiful town, with friendly people, and no shortage of things to do, and the community is working hard to make this city an amazing place for generations to come. Even when I find myself traveling to the most paradisiac places, after a few days I long to return to Yankton. My wife and I chose to live here because God has clearly called us to do whatever we can to contribute to this amazing community.”

Paige Feature 27March 27

Paige Gednalske

Owner and Nail Technician at Polished Nail Salon

I chose to live in the greater Yankton area because my husband and I grew up here and couldn’t imagine raising our kids anywhere else. The Yankton community has great schools, activities, and wonderful support for small businesses. I am super thankful for the love and support I’ve received from the community, friends, and family while starting my small business.”

March 28Cameron Feature 28

Cameron Van Beek

LPN with Avera Education & Staffing Solutions

“My wife, Ashley, and I, not originally being from the Yankton area, decided to make it our home and to raise our family here for multiple reasons one being the great Lewis and Clark recreational area, where we love camping and enjoying our summers by the lake! Secondly, we like the size of Yankton and all it has to offer! I also volunteer for Yankton County Search and Rescue which gives me the opportunity to help others in the great Yankton community!

Samantha Feature 29March 29

Samantha Hofer

Corporate & Retail Sales at Hanson Briggs Specialty Advertising

“Yankton has been good to us, this is the place that helped my family business thrive into what it is today along with being the place I met and married my high school sweetheart. Our family loves to stay active and outdoors, so the greater Yankton area has always been a great place to keep us busy with camping, biking, hiking and many others. We look forward to raising our family in our hometown and being part of the community as new parents.”

March 30Emily Feature 30

Emily Vitek

Pharmacist at Hy-Vee (Yankton)


I choose to live in Yankton because it is a great community to raise my children in. Yankton has amazing schools, awesome parks, and a great sense of community.”

Buchers Feature 31March 31

Erin & Bert Bucher

Chiropractic Assistant at First Chiropractic Center | Associate Attorney at Blackburn & Stevens Prof. LLC


"We chose to live in Yankton because we like the direction the city is headed. It makes Yankton a great place to raise our future family. We are excited and proud to be part of this great community."  


Karissa Feature 32

Karissa Heine

Radiologic Technologist & Mammographer at the Yankton Medical Clinic

“With both of us growing up in Yankton, my husband and I knew it was the perfect place to raise our children. There is such a wide variety of opportunities to enroll in and promising education options. Greater Yankton is a growing community with a small-town feel. With the kindness of people mixed with the comfort and familiarity, along with the wide array of recreational activity Yankton provides, it made our lifetime decision effortless. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional upbringing to our children in this extraordinary community we call home.” 

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Whitney with her familyMarch 1 

Whitney Devine

Co-owner at Midwest Insurance Agency, Inc.


“The community of Yankton as aided in my growth as an entrepreneur, mother and passionate volunteer for several organizations through its supportive and moral driven environment. Yankton has several opportunities whether it be professional or recreational for younger individuals and families which is why I love Yankton and why my husband and I chose to raise our family and grow our business here!” 

Amanda with PathwaysMarch 2

Amanda Halsey

Case Manager with Pathways Shelter for the Homeless

“During a visit to Yankton to see family, I saw beauty and opportunity in the greater Yankton community. I strolled the decorated downtown and was reminded of the beauty of urban downtowns I've visited growing up. I dreamed of someday opening a coffee shop here. When I learned about Pathways Shelter for the Homeless and an employment opportunity working for the organization's great mission, I started house hunting in Yankton. It was a huge step moving from Huron to Yankton on my own, but I'm so excited to be a part of the greater Yankton community!”

March 3Justin with Shur-Co

Justin Norling

Human Resources Generalist at Shur-Co

“When first presented with the opportunity to work in Yankton, I was immediately captivated by all of the obvious attractions that draw so many people to the area.  The restaurants, golf courses, beaches, and thriving downtown district were all major factors in what brought me to Yankton, but the people I’ve gotten the chance to meet and work with since being here are reasons why I may never leave. I’m excited to see the great changes coming to the area, and to be a part of the promising future this city undoubtedly has.” 

March 4Ariel with her family

Ariel Gray

Owner/Founder of GRAYinspired


“My favorite activity is kayaking the Missouri River. Yankton provides beautiful scenery for paddlers. My mind is able to tune out and take in my surroundings that gives me peacefulness I find hard to get anywhere else. I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful community that gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the river.”

March 5Kayla at Essence Salon

Kayla Kolda

Licensed Cosmetologist/Owner of Essence Salon

“One of the things I love most about the greater Yankton community is how truly different everyone is. I get to talk to people one on one every day. At times I get to hear what others are doing in the community and see how involved people are. It's so great to see so many people come together to continue to make this community great.”


March 6Andrea with her family

Andrea Siemonsma

Academic Services Teacher at Sacred Heart School

“Girls on the Run is such a phenomenal program, I'd have to say that serving as a coach is my favorite way to give back to Yankton and invest in the youth. Through GOTR, girls build confidence by embracing what makes them unique, learn way to be healthy physically, socially and mentally, while having fun working toward a goal. It equips them with skills and strategies to help them handle life experiences. Seeing the growth, teamwork, dedication, and hard work of these young ladies is pretty inspiring.”

March 7Kate and Mason

Kate and Mason Schramm

Realtor at Vision Real Estate


"Work and family brought us back to the Greater Yankton Area. We choose to stay here because the Greater Yankton community offers us the opportunity to grow professionally, personally, and socially. Other communities might share some of Yankton’s resources, but it would be difficult to find another community with Yankton’s combination of charm and opportunity."

March 8Tyler and his family

Tyler Buckman

Business Banking Trainee at First Dakota National Bank

“I was born and raised in Yankton. Growing up in this community with family and friends always gave me a reason to stay. Greater Yankton is a community that offers great opportunities for growth, personally and professionally. It has wonderful attractions such as a lake for camping, great restaurants, a historic downtown, and a multitude of others that makes Yankton a wonderful place to live and raise a family.”

March 9Gavin hiking

Gavin Zimmerman

Financial Associate at Thrivent Financial


“My favorite thing about Yankton is the opportunity for adventure. My family and I love the outdoors and frequent the hiking trails often. One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go boating and fishing both above and below the dam. Yankton provides us with so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and the community members are welcoming and eager to include us in events going on around town.”

March 10Mary and Dejay

Mary and Dejay Langel

On-Air Personality & Production Manager at Riverfront Broadcasting and Receiving Clerk at Applied Engineering

“We’ve chosen to make Yankton our home because we have both found fulfilling careers here and we love its big, small-town atmosphere. We love its proximity to the natural beauty of the river. We enjoy taking our high-energy lab for walks across the Meridian Bridge and out by the lake (where he LOVES to swim). Our love for animals makes the Heartland Humane Society a perfect fit for us when it comes to volunteering; we also enjoy helping out with Keep Yankton Beautiful’s efforts to preserve the natural beauty of our town.”

March 11Jose at work

Jose Alonso

HR/Safety Representative at American Foods Group – Cimpl’s


“One of my favorite recreational opportunities in Yankton is being part of the City volleyball league whether its indoor or outdoor. I have participated in them for a few years and now that I have recently moved back I am looking forward in joining a team once more. It’s a great time. I get to meet new people and make new friends while having fun and being a little competitive.”

March 12Niki and her family

Niki Warren

Owner/Founder of Empower Fitness Studio

“I choose to live in Yankton for the support, encouragement, and small town feel. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Yankton and knew there was no better place to raise our twin boys. After 10 years in Kansas City we recently moved back to Yankton in order to surround ourselves with friends, family, and opportunity.  Yankton provides a wealth of support to young entrepreneurs like myself.  My family, friends, and others that reside in Yankton have encouraged and supported me on my new journey as a business owner. I am humbled that I have the opportunity to inspire, motivate, and empower so many women in the Yankton community through the Empower Fitness studio.”

March 13

Tara and Colby Kuchta

Operating Room Nurse at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital and Auditor for the SD Department of Revenue

“We love the community of Yankton not only because we were born and raised here, and our family is here, but because of everything Yankton offers us. We received amazing educations growing up here, and we want that for our children as well. Yankton has endless recreational activities for us to enjoy from spending time at the lake to taking a stroll across the Meridian Bridge, and hopefully a new pool in the near future! All of this along with the exciting new ideas surrounding the Meridian District downtown makes this a perfect community for us to want to grow as a young family.”

March 14Katie and her husband

Katie Doty

4-H Program Assistant for the Yankton County Extension Office


“I choose to live in greater Yankton area, because there are so many opportunities within this community.  Through my love of 4-H and my job, I have gotten involved with numerous programs that all aim to help the youth in the community grow and gain knowledge.  I obtained my degree from SDSU, but always knew that I would come back home to continue farming on the family farm with my husband, Tyler, and to someday raise a family in a community that offers so much for its youth.”

March 15 Zeke and Drew

Zeke Matthews

Co-owner of River City Relics and Student in accelerated nursing program at University of Sioux Falls


“What I love most about Yankton is the small-town atmosphere, down-to-earth people, and all of the great recreational opportunities by the lake. I’m a Virginia native, but the community here is so welcoming that it has been easy for me to call Yankton home.”

March 16Jeremy with his dog

Jeremy D. Krieger

Retail Banker at First National Bank

“When I moved to Yankton in 2005, I was immediately drawn to the area. There is always something to do outside. One of my hobbies is Photography, and Yankton’s scenery is perfect!  I enjoy hiking the trails out by the lake or walking the bridge and trail in town with my dogs. I choose the Yankton community, not only for the great company I work for, but also for the great people I have around me every day.”

March 17Katie with her family

Katie Rederick

Co-owner of Hideout Studio & Spa and Instructor at The Green Room Dance Studio


“I choose to live in the greater Yankton not only for my family, but Yankton gives me the opportunity to offer big city services right here in town without clients having to travel outside of the community. The Greenroom Dance Studio provides children of all ages the ability to express their love for the art of dance and I am grateful for being able to have a full-time career along with teaching talented dancers at night!”

March 18Ryan and Mallory

Ryan Cwach and Mallory Schulte

Attorney at Birmingham & Cwach Law Offices, Prof. LLC and Judicial Law Clerk at United States District Court for the District of South Dakota

"We grew up believing that our future success would be measured by how far from Yankton we could venture. But the farther we ventured out, we began to miss our small town. The people of Yankton have a great energy. They deeply care about their community. They debate the town’s future passionately. And recently, they have been working together to put words into action. This communal connectedness and action is difficult to find in the other communities we live in. Ultimately, we want to live in Yankton because we care about it and other people do too, and that’s actually pretty unique in our experience."

March 19Ashleigh at work

Ashleigh Israel

Quality Engineer at Parker Hannifin (Baldwin Filters)

“What I love the most about the Greater Yankton Community is the people. I am a transplant to Yankton from Eastern North Carolina and everyone I have met in Yankton has been so kind and helpful, especially through my first South Dakota winter. Yankton also provides a beautiful community through the many parks and recreation facilities they offer, which is very appealing to me as I love the outdoors and look forward to spending many hours by the lake. I also love that Yankton feels a sense of duty in the way they support the many locally owned businesses in the area. This, for me, is key to economic growth and development of our beautiful city! There's only one question remaining - when is it going to thaw out, y'all?!”

Carly with her dog on the bridgeMarch 20

Carly Manahan

Coordinator/Domestic Violence Advocate at River City Domestic Violence Center


“When choosing where to live after graduating from Mount Marty, the choice was simple: Yankton. Not only did I have a job I adore at River City Domestic Violence Center, but in the past four years of school, I had developed a second family without realizing it. Moving from Colorado without knowing anyone here was scary, but the community members are all so welcoming and always willing to lend a helping hand. I now have a home and second family (and even third) all because of Yankton and the kind hearts that make up the community.”

March 21Terry and Lizzie

Terry and Lizzie Huber

Middle School Language Arts Teacher in Gayville and Ultrasound Tech in Sioux Falls 

“Having both grown up in the Yankton area, we recently moved back for many reasons. Yankton provides amazing educational opportunities, as well as recreational opportunities for all ages. The Yankton School District did a fantastic job preparing us for our futures. We love the various opportunities to be near the water in the summer and have recently become involved in the city volleyball leagues as well. We also love Yankton for its agricultural opportunities and support for all local farmers, and we look forward to raising our children here!”

March 22Samantha with her husband

Samantha Bruening

Police Officer with Yankton Police Department


“Yankton is a community that offers so much with having the river right next to us. My husband and I have recently established our lives within the community by starting our own construction business, Bruening Construction. So, when we aren’t busy serving our community we like to enjoy the recreational activities of fishing, kayaking, boating, camping, or taking a walk across the Meridian Bridge. I am very fortunate to live in a community where I can lend a helping hand but yet get away and enjoy the endless opportunities of the Missouri River.” 

March 23Liz and Joe with their family

Liz and Joe Healy

Infection Control Coordinator at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital and Engineer at Shur-Co

 “We are both from Yankton and returned here for the opportunities available in engineering and healthcare, in addition to helping on the family farm. We love that Yankton allows access to living a healthy lifestyle whether it's in the various healthcare facilities available including several medical specialties, mental health services, or its wide assortment of trails, bike and walking paths, and water activities.  We are dedicated to ensuring our children will enjoy the same clean, healthy, outdoor lifestyle that we were fortunate to grow up in.”

March 24Max and Brittany

Max & Brittany Korus

Business Owners of Max Refinishing


“Yankton is the place where we grew up. We choose to live in Greater Yankton because we love it here - our families are here, the small-town feel, countless opportunities, summer activities, the list goes on. Growing up here helped shape us into who we are today.  As entrepreneurs in Yankton we're excited for the opportunity to help our community!”



March 25Stephanie and Jacob in front of Boys & Girls Club

Stephanie & Jacob Siebrandt

Program Director at Boys & Girls Club of Yankton and Employee at Harmelink Farms


“I love Yankton and answering why is easy. I came into this community knowing no one but my husband and a few of his friends. It did not take long though for the community to welcome me. I met so many other professionals, all who provided opportunities to meet other people and get involved. The people in Yankton are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I’ve made lasting friendships from what started with a simple hello, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and my husband. I know Yankton will support us along life’s path. Where once I went into Walmart knowing no one, now I can’t leave without saying hello to someone!”

March 26Emily Lincoln

Emily Lincoln

Special Education Coordinator at the South Dakota Human Services Center

“To me, volunteering is a way of life I grew up with. Currently, my favorite ways to volunteer locally are with Yankton Food for Thought, packing Sack Packs, at the Yankton Area Mental Wellness Conference, and putting in extra time and dedication as a special education coordinator and teacher at the Human Services Center. Volunteering means so much to me - I do it for the satisfaction that I’ve done my part to better my community. I chose to live in Yankton after growing up here because of the feel of the community and volunteering is at the heart of it. Feeling like I’m making difference in ways that are beneficial to those around me - that’s the true meaning of community.”

March 27Kelsey with her husdand

Kelsey Hunhoff

Owner/Manager of Czeckers Sports Bar & Grill

“When my husband, Matt, and I moved to Yankton, his hometown, we were looking to be closer to family and searching for new career opportunities. We found both and are so appreciative of the Yankton community in supporting our business and dreams. The Greater Yankton community is so unique in the local services, outdoor recreation, activities and special events that it has to offer and we look forward to creating many memories here with our family.”

March 28Stephen at the bank

Stephen Brua

Marketing Director at Services Center Federal Credit Union


“This academic year, I’ve had the opportunity to help volunteer tutor Webster Elementary students for Math is Fun through the Yankton Area Literacy Council. Working with the 1st and 2nd graders once a week is rewarding in seeing the improvement in math concepts, their increased confidence, and seeing them excited when they beat us tutors in a math game.”

March 29Kim with her family

Kim Crissey

Pharmacist at Walmart

“We chose to live in greater Yankton for the many opportunities it provides our family. Education is extremely important to us and we know the great education our children will receive here. We also love the recreational activities available to us and take full advantage of the lake, river, parks, and trails in greater Yankton.”

March 30Molly with her husband

Molly Wellenstein

Co-owner Hideout Studio & Spa

“I choose to live in greater Yankton because it is a welcoming community that is full of personal and professional opportunities for me, my husband, and our growing family. Historic downtown Yankton has a special charm that I'm able to contribute to professionally at Hideout Studio & Spa. For us, Yankton has it all - strong church community, amazing networking and volunteer opportunities, being close to family, and, of course, summers spent boating on the river. I think anyone can feel the amazing shift in energy in Yankton and that there are great changes to come. I look forward to being part of this chapter of Yankton's growth.”

March 31

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