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It's time to honor 2019's Here for 31 Years!

April 1 Bernie Feature April 1

Bernie Hunhoff

Writer at South Dakota Magazine

Why do you choose to live in greater Yankton area?

  • "Hunhoffs have lived here for seven generations, so I imagine that’s part of the reason. Still, we might all have moved away for better opportunities; that’s what prompts most people to relocate. The Hunhoffs have always been able to find something interesting and challenging to do here and I think that’s why so many of us stayed. It’s heart-warming to think back on how the community has supported us — whether the endeavor was tractors, publishing, restaurants, politics, farming or whatever.

What do you love the most about the greater Yankton community?

  • "Where do I begin. I personally enjoy the four seasons (three, especially!), the river culture, the Benedictine influence on the community and the agrarian heritage that brought my great-great-grandfather here 136 years ago.

What is your favorite volunteer opportunity in greater Yankton?

  • "I’ve been on nearly every board in town except Interchange, and all are important. However, I am currently on the Onward Yankton board and I think it’s unique because we are trying to do something that few communities of our size have been able to accomplish. It has been difficult and challenging to create a new mindset on economic development based around quality of life and entrepreneurship. It's just always easier to do things the way you’ve been doing things. And there’s an entrenched constituency for the status quo.  But I am more convinced than ever that it’s critical to our community’s future that we become a place where the best and brightest young families will want to live and work in the 2020s and 2030s and beyond.

What is your favorite recreational opportunity in greater Yankton?

  • "Our family likes the river — everything from the bird and fish life to hanging out on the sandbars or floating with the current. Whenever we travel far away on vacation, I always think that it would be more fun if we could take the Missouri River along with us. There’s nothing quite like it."


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