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Gyl (pronounced as /ɡɪl/) has lived in many different places, but the Yankton native’s heart has always remained with his hometown.

“I wanted to explore and experience different locales but none of the places I moved to were able to compare to Yankton. My favorite thing about this community is that everyone is very nice and welcoming which puts me at ease. It is a very safe and peaceful town, one that would be ideal for raising a family.”

Approximately a decade after leaving, Gyl had been seriously thinking about making his return to Yankton and the final push for a comeback came from an unexpected source – Yankton’s Regional Technical Education Center (RTEC).

“I wasn’t happy with my current career situation and a friend from Yankton suggested RTEC’s excellent welding courses. I never would’ve pictured myself as a welder, but I heard the profession was in demand with good wages and job security and decided to try it out”

This turned out to be priceless advice as Gyl has been working as a welder for four years now upon completion of the Welding Basics and Welding Skills Upgrade courses and is a big fan of his current profession. Gyl also interned with Greater Yankton Living while he was taking the welding courses and has been our brand ambassador ever since.

We asked Gyl about community changes he noticed while he had been away and he pointed out Yankton’s ever-increasing diversity:

“When I left Yankton, it did not strike me as being a particularly diverse place. Upon coming back, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see different ethnicities and hear people conversing in a few different languages around town. I joined Connecting Cultures, a community organization that is committed to increasing awareness and acceptance of all cultures. They recently put on a couple of collaborative community events that spotlighted Hispanic music and food. All of the positive feedback we got for these events was inspiring. These kinds of events were unheard of during my first stint in Yankton.”

Some of Gyl’s favorite leisure activities are jet-skiing, biking, hiking, bird watching, soccer and frisbee golf, all of which are readily available in Yankton.

“I’m a huge outdoors enthusiast and The Yankton lake area is probably my favorite part of the Greater Yankton area. I will often bike to the lake area from town and spend hours playing frisbee golf, going out on the water, and just walking around while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings. It’s very easy to lose track of time because there is so much to do out there.”

Some other Yankton highlights for Gyl include:

  • Going to Charlie's Pizza House for a Marilyn's Mermaid Heaven pie with a West Side IPA on the side from Ben's Brewing Co.
  • The Meridian District: Taking walks on the Meridian Bridge and shopping at the many unique retailers
  • The Mead Cultural Education Center
  • Watching Yankton High School and Mount Marty College sporting events


Stay tuned for more Greater Yankton Living growing stories coming soon!


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