Brittany with the City of Yankton Photo

Brittany with the City of Yankton

Brittany with her family

Brittany with her friends

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Brittany was a cheerleader

Brittany is joining the City of Yankton as its Events and Promotions Coordinator. Though this position is new to Yankton, Brittany is not. “I’ve been in Yankton my whole life. I was born here and though I left to go to USD, I still worked in Yankton. Yankton has been a part of me forever!” Her studies will be helpful as she begins the new position. “I graduated with a Public Relations and Advertising degree, and a minor in Spanish.”

Though she was born in Yankton, Brittany did not plan on staying in Yankton. “I wasn’t confident that I would be able to have a career in the field that I wanted to go in. As a high schooler, as a young person, you really don’t know what Yankton has to offer.” Brittany worked for Ben’s, encountering Ben Hanten, who was then coordinating Think29. Brittany helped him, expanding her career options, “working for Ben, I’ve been able to make connections and grow my career!”

Think29 was “fun, but it was tough, putting on events in other cities. So we decided that we should focus on Yankton because we felt that it was more beneficial since we live here. We switched to Yankton and I helped start One Million Cups and Startup Weekend.”

"I just accepted the position as the Yankton Events and Promotions Coordinator. I think one thing that's helped me become successful in Yankton are the connections and relationships I've established. It’s really about the networking!” Brittany shared, “and it’s a small community, so it’s easier to make those connections.” Brittany’s new position will help her grow her career, “I’m going to expand my qualifications and my skills; I’m also going to be tested, and that’s something that I want because that’s the only way to grow.”

As Brittany started a family that influenced her decision to stay in the area. “As you get older you figure out what’s important and Yankton does have a lot to offer!” Brittany shared that although she and her family live in Scotland, “I’ve grown to appreciate the stores and the bigger community in Yankton.”

The recreation opportunities are another thing that keep Brittany here. “I can’t imagine a summer without camping. Last summer I didn’t get to go camping and I felt kind of empty. I would say that I really, really love the lake. It is a great asset to Yankton. I love the lake and I love the camping.”

“I’d say in the last year, I’ve gotten involved,” Brittany said. “Now I’m part of the Big Friend - Little Friend program. I’m part of One Million Cups and Startup Weekend. I’m helping with the theatrical gala, for the community theater. And I’m sure now, working for the city, I’m going to be even more involved, which is great!”

As our conversation drew to a close we asked how others could follow a similar path in our Greater Yankton region. Brittany shared, “I would say, ‘get out and network!’ People don’t know how they can contribute to an organization or a meeting, and it’s not about what you can contribute, it’s just about going and what you can soak up. You might not have anything to say the first ten times you go, but then you might have an opinion or you might have something to offer. I would say get out and get networking because that’s the key in this field!”


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