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Amanda from Hydro

Amanda with Paddlefish

Amanda at training event in Norway

Amanda with her family

Ever since her sister went to college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Amanda knew that she wanted to pursue a career in manufacturing. “The University of Nebraska – Kearney has one of the best programs for Industrial Distribution and that is what I got my degree in,” Amanda shared, “They have 100% placement for graduates and I worked for Crescent Electric out of Omaha for five years. I fell in love, and my husband farms outside of Fordyce, so the week we got married, I moved to Fordyce.”

Just a few months later, Alcoa (now Hydro) hired Amanda as a Traffic Manager. “I managed the fleet of trucks and also the mobile equipment maintenance team and dispatcher.” A year later, Amanda took on the additional role of Purchasing Manager. Around 2014 then Sapa disbanded their trucking fleet. “Until about two months ago, I was the Purchasing Manager. During that time I had marketing roles, and I was also a regional Purchasing Manager for Sapa for the Midwest region.” Following upon Hydro’s acquisition of Sapa in 2017, Amanda’s role changed again and she became the new HR. “It’s been exciting and hectic,” Amanda shared, “I’ve enjoyed getting to know the employees better.”

Amanda loves music and played the trumpet in college, now, she shared, “I’m the choir director at the church in Fordyce and I’ve been able to continue to use my musical education.” She’s active in her children’s education, “they’re in the Catholic school system. We’re on the development committee so we do a lot of events to help raise money to support the schools.”

After hours, Amanda likes to golf, “I’m on a women’s league in Hartington in the summer.” Her whole family enjoys outdoor recreation, “I love the availability of camping and fishing, and the outdoors. We got a camper a few years back and it’s awesome to pull the camper out and find a good spot, whether it’s on the Nebraska side or the South Dakota side.”

“We love to fish. We like to go snagging and archery fishing for paddlefish. Last year I got my paddlefish and this year my husband got his,” Amanda said, “it’s fun. Then you can have a fish fry and invite the neighbors over. We’ve done that a few times now with the paddlefish, invite everyone over and we eat in our driveway.”

Working for Alcoa, then Sapa, and now Hydro, gave Amanda a chance to grow in her career, “I’ve been very, very lucky with my employer. Hydro has wonderful benefits and we have a lot of advancement opportunities. If you want to work hard, Hydro will recognize you. Hydro has a wide variety of schedules –a schedule that will fit your lifestyle.”

“We have a lot of departments – we have the paint line – we have extrusion – we have packing – we have fabrication – we have a casthouse – the jobs in those areas are very different. If you like one, great! If not, there are other departments to try out to see if one of them works for you!”

We asked Amanda what she would say to someone considering moving back to our region and pursuing a similar path. She shared, “there’s a lot of opportunities in Yankton. There’s a lot of opportunities for women. And there are different careers that you can choose whether it’s manufacturing or another area of the community. It’s been a great place for me to grow my career.”


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