Anthony from Kolberg-Pioneer Photo

Anthony from Kolberg-Pioneer

Anthony in a blue boat in the lake.

Beautiful picture of the sun shining down on Anthony and his adorable coffee creamed color cow.

Anthony and his beautiful wife.

Anthony playing Archery .

“I really didn’t know that much about Yankton,” Anthony shared. “I went to school at Mitchell Technical Institute for Automation Controls/ SCADA. One of the guys, a year under me in the same program, told me that there was a job opening at Kolberg-Pioneer. I applied for it and ended up getting the job. In about a week, I found a place to live, moved in, and started working.”

Anthony has a passion for his job at Kolberg-Pioneer. “A big part of what drew me to this job was the travel. I want to get out and see things, and Kolberg-Pioneer has machines in China, and Australia; we have them all over.” Beyond the travel, Anthony shared, “I’m constantly learning. I love programming. I get to program machines and design their panels, the electrical layout of the controls for our machines, so that’s an awesome part of my job as well. I’m constantly doing different things, whether it’s setting up and maintaining Bill of Materials, or designing the harnesses, or working on the schematics, the controls, or the programming.”

When one of Anthony’s classmates, a Yankton native, began working for Kolberg-Pioneer, he showed Anthony around town. “As we became friends, he showed me more things to do in Yankton; that got me to the river, fishing and bow fishing. The parks are really nice.” Then Anthony joined Greater Yankton Leadership this summer. “I definitely think that doing Greater Yankton Leadership showed me a lot more about Yankton. There’s a lot that you can do that you don’t really know about – like archery – I had no idea that was even a thing or how big the archery center is.”

Anthony also discovered disc golf over the summer. “And then disc golfing – there are so many courses – and all of them are beautiful. I’ve gotten to love the sport. I went to the doubles tournament in early September; that was pretty awesome. I got three new discs from that.”  Though he likes outdoor activities, Anthony also enjoys playing video games and designing for his 3-D printer.

Anthony exuded confidence in his education and career choices. “Tech school was a great option for me. If I wanted to, I could continue my degree at South Dakota State University for Electronic Technology Engineering, and most of the credits from Mitchell Tech would transfer over to the Electronic Technology Engineering degree. That’s an option I’m thinking about because Kolberg-Pioneer will pay for your continued education.”

Between work and recreation, Anthony has come to enjoy living in Yankton. “The state parks here are awesome. It’s a beautiful area, and there are about 29 miles of bike paths. I have rollerblades, and I like to go rollerblading on them. There’s quite a bit to do in Yankton.”

We asked Anthony what he would say to someone who was thinking about moving to Yankton for a career. He responded, “Overall, I found a nice place to live, and plenty of things to do. Getting out and seeing the river, the disc golf courses, the lake, and doing Greater Yankton Leadership opened my eyes to a lot more to do. There’s plenty to do for everyone. If you like to fish, you’re right next to a river; if you like to bike, there is a giant trail system; if you like to disc golf, there are four courses. I would definitely recommend living here. It’s a nice place. It’s beautiful here.”


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