Andrew: Kolberg-Pioneer Electrical Controls Programmer Photo

Andrew: Kolberg-Pioneer Electrical Controls Programmer

“I love my job here at Kolberg-Pioneer because I am doing something I truly enjoy! Being the programmer, I get lots of tasks thrown at me for future development, as well as major projects, which is awesome because it keeps me busy and on my toes! Coming to Kolberg-Pioneer, I thought I would be that guy who just does the work that the others didn’t want to do, but right from the get-go I got handed big projects for plant layouts and a few smaller items. All I can say is that the hard work and long hours that you spend working on the projects are so worth it. It is extremely rewarding to attend a plant start up and see such a big plant of several conveyors and rock crushers all working together because of the program that you wrote for it! Kolberg-Pioneer appreciates their employees and offers some flexibility. With a three-year-old daughter, I am able to attend school activities or doctor appointments. Also, my family raises purebred Charolais cattle, so if I need to run at the spur of the moment, and I am not super busy at my desk, they let me go and make up the short time that I may miss!”

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