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What is Dakota Territorial Museum?

The Dakota Territorial Museum is owned and operated by the Yankton County Historical Society. With artifacts from the early days of the Dakota Territory (1861-1889), and Yankton county (1889-present), the Dakota Territorial Museum helps preserve the past for future generations to learn from and enjoy. The Dakota Territorial Museum is open every day of the week.

The Dakota Territorial Museum is currently housed at 610 Summit St. In the next year, the Dakota Territorial Museum will be moved to the Historic Mead building.

Ways to be involved with Dakota Territorial Museum:

If you have a passion for history or the Yankton community, consider volunteering at the Dakota Territorial Museum.  Opportunities range from cleaning artifacts, documenting items, helping with research, to docent duties of opening the museum and greeting visitors on the weekend.  Volunteering is a great way to learn more about Yankton and South Dakota history.

With the upcoming move to the Historic Mead Building, volunteers will be needed to help move the items.

Here’s how you can get involved today:

Email the Dakota Territorial Museum Director, Crystal Nelson!

Become a member of Dakota Territorial Museum here!


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