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Posted on: February 05, 2021 • Category: Chamber of Commerce, Membership

Business Services Director

Yankton Chamber of Commerce

Apply By: March 05, 2021
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: DOE/DOQ
Education: Bachelor's Degree

Phone 1: 605-665-3636
Yankton Chamber of Commerce
803 E 4th St
Yankton, SD 57078
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Knowledge of:

  • Membership sales and marketing best practices
  • Chamber Master and Constant Contact 
  • Regional economic conditions
  • Business English, including grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Modern office practices, procedures and equipment
  • Microsoft Office 365 (especially Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive and SharePoint)


  • Polished public speaking ability
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Above average organizational and time management skills while managing multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
  • Operate computers, scanners, printers, phones and other equipment as needed
  • Write at a professional level in a variety of formats 
  • Pay attention to detail 
  • Analyze financial documents and business reports

Ability to:

  • Manage personnel in a way to promote teamwork, participation, trust and confidence
  • Use independent judgement and initiative in accurately and efficiently completing tasks
  • Greet visitors and answer phone calls in a friendly, courteous manner
  • Communicate in an appropriate and professional manner with members, investors, community leaders, local media and other business professionals
  • Present verbal summaries on business services budget 
  • Analyze data and provide recommendations for the success of the organization
  • Work a flexible schedule as needed
  • Collaborate with a progressive, diverse and creative team
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Research relevant membership sales best practices and implement as needed
  • Stay informed about business, community, economic and workforce development trends, challenges and solutions
  • Ability to interface with local leadership for the City, County, and Educational Systems
  • Navigate and participate appropriately in political issues
  • Organize and implement a detailed membership sales program
  • Motivate committees to be accountable for their annual goals 
  • Work with a team of professionals with various opinions and strive for consensus in order to complete projects 
  • Delegate tasks as appropriate
  • Pivot plans to adjust to changing conditions
  • Use sound judgment, discern options, receive input and select a course of action
  • Be accountable
  • Make decisions and creatively problem solve to find solutions
  • Remain optimistic and positive 
  • Utilize self-motivation
  • Develop and maintain positive and purposeful interactions with coworkers and business community
  • Network with regional and nationwide professionals to enhance the organization


  • Required experience of at least 3 years in business or sales or bachelor’s degree in a related field.


The energetic Business Services Director (BSD) will collaborate with the CEO to create and implement a flexible membership program to meet the community business needs and organizational financial goals. The BSD will assist in the development and implementation of an organizational strategic plan. The BSD will supervise and lead a team responsible for marketing, programs, activities, and events. The BSD will develop and maintain strong networking relationships with the regional business community and local governments to promote traditional and innovative revenue opportunities, grow the regional workforce and drive collaborative business and tourism efforts. Ideal candidate will be positive, driven, personable, accountable, flexible, creative, organized and able to problem-solve through the use of sound judgment. This position handles highly confidential material.

The Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce is currently exploring a potential merger with the local economic development group. Whether or not a merger is completed, this position will be a Director of the organization and needs to possess the leadership skills to lead a successful team.


  • Formulate plans, organize and administer objectives for the Business Services strategic goals
  • Work closely with CEO and organizational directors and coordinators to create collaborative programs to meet strategic goals
  • Create and implement a program for sales and retention of memberships to meet or exceed budgetary goals
  • Assist in preparation of organizational and committee budget
  • Assist with City of Yankton funding application
  • Oversee assigned committees/programs and ensure their focused activities align with strategic and programmatic goals
  • Serve on committees and boards that are active in workforce and community development
  • Work with CEO on job descriptions and assignment of duties of employees in the Business Services program
  • Supervise and train employee(s) assigned to work in the Business Services program via a management style that promotes teamwork and accountability
  • Coordinate with marketing department to create collaborative marketing plan and materials necessary for the communication of information via print, website, social media, etc. 
  • Facilitate discussions with staff for program or committee events to meet the goals of the organizational membership program
  • Collaborate with Workforce Development Director to develop or enhance programs and activities that promote business and workforce development
  • Collaborate with the Tourism Director to develop or enhance programs and activities to facilitate growth in tourism and related businesses
  • Participate in discussions with CEO regarding opportunities for development projects
  • Manage Business Services budget and regularly communicates with CEO and Finance Director to ensure efficient use of funds
  • Communicate clearly with CEO regarding business and community policy and advocacy topics 
  • Provide and receive regular communication with the CEO on work activities
  • Participate actively in brainstorming and implementation regarding ways to improve the organization and business services
  • Build and maintain relationships with industry peers, businesses and other key stakeholders in the region to learn about best practices and new opportunities
  • Analyze the current Chamber Dollars program and research alternative Community Card Programs
  • Communicate with Finance Director regarding billing for memberships, campaign pledges and organizational services
  • Assist as requested in Capital Campaigns
  • Maintains professional relationships with members, investors, business leaders and staff
  • Assume additional responsibilities as needed
  • Maintain strict confidentiality for proprietary information of members, non-members and projects.

Other Information:

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If you prefer to mail your resume, please send to:

Yankton Chamber Of Commerce
Attn: Nancy Wenande
803 E. 4th St
Yankton, SD 57078

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