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Posted on: July 29, 2021 • Category: Manufacturing, Electrician


Astec Industries

Apply By: September 16, 2021
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: DOE/DOQ

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Essential Qualifications

  1. Ability to use general mechanic and maintenance tools and equipment.
  2. Ability to maneuver in congested work environment with usual working conditions associated with heavy equipment repair (exhaust, solvent, etc.)
  3. Ability to work on, in, around, and under equipment as necessary to perform duties.  Climb ladders, work platforms, stairs, etc.
  4. Ability to read and interpret necessary instructions or specifications required to perform duties.
  5. Primary work assignment will require employees to be able to frequently push/pull/lift up to 45 pounds.  Employees may occasionally push/pull/lift greater than 45 pounds if they are physically able to safely do it.  Employees are encouraged to use caution at all times when pushing/pulling/lifting.  Please consider the size, shape, weight of the object to be pushed/pulled/lifted, the path and the distance you must travel along with your own physical ability.  If necessary, please seek assistance with pushing/pulling/lifting tasks.  Employees should never lift more than they are physically able to do. 
  6. Computer experience desired, particularly the ability to use a mouse, and locate and open/close files.


Basic Function

Work is performed under the supervision of the Electrical Department Supervisor and in cooperation with the Electrical Department Leader.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Serve as Electrician with technical knowledge requirements to maintain and repair such electrical equipment and facilities as:  lighting, furnaces, controls, motors, hoists, lathes, drills, pumps, thermal relays, etc.
  2. Installation of rigid conduit, flexible power supply, and shielded cable.
  3. Repair of portable tools such as grinders, drills, and welders.
  4. Selection of proper wire sizes and types and replacement of electrical parts.
  5. Use trade techniques, publications, and the National Electrical Code as the guide for all work performed.
  6. Duties require knowledge of single-phase and three-phase AC and DC motor controls, both low and high voltage, and electrical schematics (AS and DC).
  7. Install transformers, breakers, and other controls, load centers, motors, lighting, etc. as required.
  8. Use established safety procedures and devices to protect yourself and others from electrical shock when repairing equipment.
  9. Use test equipment as required to assure proper circuitry, voltage, amperage, loading, etc. in the repair or maintenance of all electrical components.
  10. Job requires using a computer mouse to access and open/close computer documents.

All duties must be performed in compliance with Company policies relating to safety and housekeeping.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities
  1. May be required to perform service calls on Astec equipment.
  2. Perform or assist in the performing of tasks throughout the plant as qualified and assigned.

Other Information:

Interested individuals can stop by our office to complete an application, or download our application form and job descriptions from our website (; click on “Job Listings”; click on “Current Openings”, click on the job opening you desire, click “Apply” in the right hand-corner, complete the application process).

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