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Posted on: December 21, 2020 • Category: Manufacturing, Janitor


Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc

Apply By: January 11, 2021
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: DOE/DOQ
Education: High School

Human Resources
Phone 1: 605-665-9311
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Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc
700 W 21st Street
Yankton, Yankton, SD 57078
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Essential Qualifications

1. Perform work standing on concrete up to 10 hours per day.

2. Ability to use general mechanic and maintenance tools and equipment.

3. Ability to maneuver in congested work environment with usual working conditions associated with heavy equipment repair (exhaust, solvent, etc.)

4. Ability to work on, in, around, and under equipment as necessary to perform duties. Climb ladders, work platforms, stairs, etc.

5. Ability to read and interpret necessary instructions or specifications required to perform duties.

6. Primary work assignment will require employees to be able to frequently push/pull/lift up to 45 pounds. Employees may occasionally push/pull/lift greater than 45 pounds if they are physically able to safely do it. Employees are encouraged to use caution at all times when pushing/pulling/lifting. Please consider the size, shape, weight of the object to be pushed/pulled/lifted, the path and the distance you must travel along with your own physical ability. If necessary, please seek assistance with pushing/pulling/lifting tasks. Employees should never lift more than they are physically able to do.

7. Computer experience desired, particularly the ability to use a mouse, and locate and open/close files.


Perform routine janitorial and general labor duties with minimum supervision, as directed by the Department Supervisor and Department Leader.

Primary Duties

1. Sweep and clean plant and plant office floors.

2. Remove excess boxes, crates, packaging, and trash from containers throughout the plant.

3. Maintain locker rooms, rest rooms, and lunchrooms in sanitary condition.

4. Clean all plant offices as requested and needed.

5. Operate floor sweeper and forklift in the performance of duties.

6. Perform seasonal tasks such as ice and snow removal and weed control.

7. Clean and/or replace furnace filters and maintain humidifiers.

8. Perform other janitorial or general labor duties throughout the facility as qualified and assigned.

9. Job requires using a computer mouse to access and open/close computer documents. All duties must be performed in compliance with Company policies relating to safety and housekeeping.

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