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Rita Nelson
Workforce Development Coordinator

Phone: (605) 665-9011 ex. 3

Approximately twenty five years ago, I moved to the greater Yankton area from central South Dakota.  While attending the University of South Dakota, I was able to explore my career interests by working part-time jobs. I appreciated the flexible scheduling offered by area employers and the many welcoming, supportive co-workers.  They became my family while I was away from home.  Following graduation, my heart and my career path enticed me to stay, and I am blessed to now call the greater Yankton area my home.  I enjoy the life-long learning opportunities and the many organizations that invite you to participate and welcome your involvement.   I am amazed by the overwhelming support in our community for my children’s academic, fine arts and sporting events. Our sense of community extends far beyond the city limits and the walls of my children’s school.  We are truly blessed to live in a REGION that encourages and supports the growth and development of our children. My kids interact with friends in so many schools, such as Gayville-Volin, Yankton, Vermillion, Viborg-Hurley, Irene-Wakonda, Freeman, Freeman Academy, Menno, Alcester-Hudson, Scotland, Bon-Homme, Elk-Point Jefferson, and so many more. Our regional friendships extend past activities, school size and locations. I am thankful for my experience with Greater Yankton Living, including my family and many friendships, expanding career opportunities and our bright future.

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Jen Johanneson
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (605) 665-9011 ex. 4

Growing up in the Yankton area, I was always able to enjoy and appreciate all of the outdoor recreation that the area has to offer. After earning my B.S. in Business Administration at WSC in Wayne, NE, my husband and I moved to Sioux Falls to explore the “big city” life. After 8 years in Sioux Falls, and our children entering their school age years, we decided that we wanted to get back to our roots in Yankton. We truly missed the outdoor recreation and small town living that we grew up loving. My family regularly enjoys boating, swimming, hiking, relaxing on the beach, golfing, ice skating, bowling, youth recreation programs, cheering on the Bucks and Huskers, and so much more. Yankton has so much to offer and the education system is amazing. We are proud to call Yankton home. And, I am proud to be involved in an organization that is committed to investing in the future of the town we love.

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Christine Tielke
Communications Coordinator

Phone: 605-665-9011 ex. 5

In the few years that I have called Yankton home, I have come to love Yankton and the surrounding region. Working at Yankton Area Progressive Growth has allowed me to get to know the community. From the outdoor activities of hiking, biking, gardening, and skiing, to the more refined entertainment of community plays and gatherings, meaningful events fill my calendar. Everywhere I go, whether within Yankton or in the towns in our region, I am welcomed. Conversations begin easily and the people that I encounter are always helpful.

I've found an integrated lifestyle here in the Greater Yankton region, where my work and play fit well together. I'm excited to give back to this welcoming community!

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